Technology is changing at a really rapid pac

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Technology is changing at a really rapid pac

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By Shristi Kafle

KATHMANDU Roy Halladay Blue Jays Jersey , Feb. 5 (Xinhua) -- While the second National Book Festival 2015 is underway in this capital, book reading culture has noticeably caught up in Nepal with more and more Nepali people now reading locally-written books and other periodicals.

Just a few years back, publishing houses in the country found it difficult to sell their published books and other printed materials due to lack of readers. In fact, some of them have stopped publishing books because they could not sell them.

However with the passage of time, the Nepali book industry has slowly recovered, thanks to the emerging market of young readers and the promotional strategies adopted by publishers.

"When I started publishing books eight years ago, printing and selling the first 1 Jesse Barfield Blue Jays Jersey ,000 copies of any book would be a big struggle. But the scenario has changed: recently for one of our books we printed 20,000 copies and they were sold immediately," said Ajit Baral, founder of FinePrint, an independent publishing house in Nepal.

Their latest publications are "Khusi" by Vijaya Kumar, "Saaya" by Subin Bhattarai and "Chinaa Harayeko Manchhe." FinePrint printed 20,000 copies of each these books.

Nepali readers have started buying books as a result of aggressive marketing and promotional campaign by publishers. Some publishers also offer big discounts to customers in book fairs and exhibitions held throughout the year in various parts of the country.

These days Roger Clemens Blue Jays Jersey , the publishing houses are focused on promoting their books through advertisements in the mass media. They also organized book signing programs and interactions between authors and readers.

Social media has been one of the best platforms for promoting books.

Pradeep Khanal of Kathalaya Publications, who sold books in the book fair told Xinhua that book readership in Nepal has definitely risen to a satisfactory level.

"During these week-long book fairs, we get visitors whole day from different walks of life inquiring about out latest publications," he said.

Their latest publications, the "Art of Living" by Jiwan Kumar Prasai and Nepali translation of "Gorkha's Daughter" by Puskar Parajuli, have been the readers' favorite.

With the growth in readership, Nepali authors have been encouraged to write more books and other reading materials.

"There is a big market for locally-written books. But Nepali authors should know the temper and preference of readers so that they can satisfy their demands. One major consideration is that the books should be entertaining and educational to help the Nepali people enjoy life Paul Molitor Blue Jays Jersey ," Buddhisagar, a prominent Nepali writer, said.

Buddhisagar, the author of "Karnali Blues," has decided to leave his journalism profession to become a full-time writer.

With the increasing demand for books, Nepali writers have branched out to writing autobiographies, politics Curtis Granderson Blue Jays Jersey , history and contemporary social issues aside from fiction.

Brazesh Khanal, author of the novel "Yayavar" said that while the book reading culture has finitely improved among the Nepali people, there is a need to manage it properly because over saturation or oversupply of books could result in losses to publishing firms.

Khanal also said that local writers should not only write for the local readers but also aim for the international market using local themes based on the rich culture and tradition of the landlocked Himalayan nation known throughout the world for its majestic Mount Everest.

LISBON, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- U.S. film director Oliver Stone was awarded the city's medal of honor at Porto's municipal council in north Portugal on Friday.

With great sense of humor as he collected his medal, Stone said the mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, looked like a "movie star."

"I have traveled to many places Russell Martin Blue Jays Jersey , but it is rare to go to a city where the mayor looks like a movie star. I should say, as a filmmaker, that he could be the star of this film, a fine candidate for president in my view, but he doesn't want to apply," he said laughing, according to Portuguese Lusa News Agency.

The three times Oscar-winning film director and writer was present at the Douro Film Harvest Josh Donaldson Blue Jays Jersey , which included the first official presentation in Europe of his book "The Untold History of the United States," also available as a 12 hour documentary.

Stone, one of the world's most acclaimed film-makers famous for his works "Platoon," "JFK" and "Natural Born Killers," showed gratitude for being handed the award.

Rui Moreira said Stone's visit to Porto strengthened the city's link to this "seventh art" and showed how open the city is to international culture.

ANKARA, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- Turkish President Recep TayyipErdogan said Wednesday the ruling Justice and Development Partywill make major changes in its structure before the 2019elections.

"Starting with our organizations, we are determined to bringserious renovation and change to our party Kevin Pillar Blue Jays Jersey ," Erdogan said at acouncil meeting at Giresun, a province by the Black Sea, state-runAnadolu Agency reported.

Erdogan said the 2019 president and parliament elections wouldbe very important for Turkey, and he did not want his AKP lose inelections.

Erdogan was re-elected as head of AKP on May 21, 2017. Aspresident, he was barred from the party due to political neutral,but constitutional amendments ratified by referendum in April endedthat prohibition.

He had led the party for 13 years starting from its foundationin 2001. Enditem

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