Technology of Xinyu ECCA Wire

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Technology of Xinyu ECCA Wire

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Xinyu-enameledwire ECCA Wire is one of largest stockist and supplier of enamelled copper wire, enamelled copper flat wire, and motor repair related ancillary products in the China.
Enamelled Wire (also known as magnet wire) is the key component in the motor and transformer manufacture and repair industry. Enamelled Copper Wire (Magnet Wire) is an insulated copper (or aluminium) electrical conductor used in motors, transformers and other electromagnetic equipment. When wound into a coil and energized, magnet wire creates an electromagnetic field. Magnet wire IS copper wire. It is just plain copper with a thin enamel coating which acts as an insulator. The thin coating means you can get more wraps around the core when you are making an electromagnet or transformer. It is this use of the wire which gives it its name.

Electrical to mechanical transfer is necessary for motorized appliances, automobiles, industrial machinery, and residential and commercial HVAC systems. Magnet wire is a key component in each of these applications.

Mechanical to electrical transformation occurs when machine power is converted into electricity. This type of transformation includes generators, which turn mechanical power into electrical energy through the use of magnet wire.

Besides its uses in energy transformation, magnet wire is vital to a wide range of communications applications. Magnet wire is used in coils in products such as computers, telephones, cell phones, video games and televisions.

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