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Footballs, of course.
"We're scratching the surface on it now, and we'll look at in detail. To comment at this time would be very premature," he said when asked if judgment calls could be challenged. "But obviously that's probably going to be one of the major topics of discussion as we resume our meetings in Naples (Florida) next weekend."
The two most notable ones this time came in the playoffs: a non-call in the Lions-Cowboys playoff game, and Dez Bryant's attempt to catch a pass against Green Bay, which was ruled a reception on the field and then overturned.
Replay becomes a hot topic each offseason because of the lingering memories of controversial plays.
The committee co-chairman said Friday that while many coaches and team officials are proposing changes,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, including the possibility of making penalties reviewable, they may not happen before next season.
Fisher also said he wasn't sure if it was unusual for a team to contact the league about potential rule-breaking before a game by one team without notifying the other club,cheap nfl jerseys online.
"You have two standards. To me,wholesale nfl jerseys, that's the biggest concern with it is you have an on-the-field, full-speed,China Jerseys NFL, bang-bang call made by the official — we'll just say pass interference — and then now you're going to go to replay and you're going to go frame by frame by frame to determine whether it is or not,2018 Nike Air Max 97," Fisher said. "I'm not so sure that's where we want to go with our game right now."
What else is on the committee's docket,NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale?
One day after general manager Ryan Grigson confirmed that the Colts had notified league officials about their suspicions with New England's game balls before last month's AFC championship game, Fisher attempted to sidestep the issue by saying equipment manufacturer Wilson would likely delay its normal presentation to the committee until after the NFL completes its investigation into "Deflategate."
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Rams coach Jeff Fisher expects the NFL's competition committee to take another look at expanding replay.

Fisher said the number of proposals discussed this week during the NFL's annual scouting combine was at an all-time high.

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