Do you know the new toner cartridge TN 770?

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Do you know the new toner cartridge TN 770?

Příspěvekod adtozhou v pát 02. bře 2018 4:30:03

Brother printer has a big market from all over the world and different Brother printer has different brother toner model. With the revolution of printer, the toner cartridge model is update day by day to meet the market demand.

I found a new product on the website in those days, this is a one type toner cartridge and the function is better than before after I checked all details.

Compared with other type toner cartridge, such as TN 660, TN 760 and TN 730, we will find that the TN770 toner page yield can up to 4500 pages, however, the TN 660 page yield is 2600, the TN 760 page yield is 3000 and the TN 730 page yield is 1200. This is one of the advantages of TN 770 toner cartridge.

By the way, the TN 770 toner cartridge with chip and it is easy for us to use it when we installed the toner cartridge. However, for the first batch of goods without the chips and the manufacture will add the chips in the next batch. In order to use the first batch TN 770 toner cartridge more smoothly that we should remove the OEM chips at first and then install the OEM chips to the TN 770 Toner cartridge. The seller will offer a Operation Manual for us reference.

After above detail information, TN 770 toner cartridge do not have the competitor from all over the world, we can understand how the advantage they are. It is a good chance for us to make a good test and it will help us to save the cost also, because the manufacture will offer 1000 package toner cartridge for the customer by free to make the test. And it need about 500 Investigation report at least to check this new type TN 770 toner cartridge. The manufacture will collect the reports and analyze data to make the final trimming for the new type TN 770 toner cartridge.

This is a good news for all the Brother printer users and if we can find a toner cartridge with more advantages and to reduce the cost, it will help the company save much money than before. By the way, this new type TN 770 toner cartridge cost is special, for more details, please check the website by yourself

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Re: Do you know the new toner cartridge TN 770?

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Re: Do you know the new toner cartridge TN 770?

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