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PARIS, Dec. 31 (Xinhua) -- In his last New Year's Eve address to the nation on Saturday, French President Francois Hollande defended his five-year governing whose "results are coming (but) later than ... anticipated."

"During many mandates, I have had only one priority: redress our economy to bring down unemployment," Hollande said.

"I claim the choices I made. The results are coming later than I had anticipated, I agree, but they are there. The public accounts have been restored, social security is in balance, the competitiveness of our companies has been restored, housing construction reaches a record level, investment returns and the number of jobseekers declined, finally, by year end," he added.

Earlier this month, the leader announced he would not launch a bid for a second term due to long sliding approval rating.

In his last New Year Greetings message which he called "a moment of emotion," Hollande hoped the rifts which weakened the left parties would not lead to their dispersal ahead of a "decisive" presidential election.

"In less than five months, you will have to make a choice, my dear compatriots. It will be decisive for France. It's about its social model to which you are attached because it guarantees the equality of all ...," he said.

In addition, the French leader vowed to mobilize all the necessary measures to combat terrorists. He acknowledged that the fight against terrorism is not over.

"We're not done with the plight of terrorism. We have to continue fighting abroad and this is the reason of our military operations in Mali, Syria and Iraq... and at home to foil attacks, prevent acts intended to hit the public order and radicalization," he said.

"In this fight, our democracy will emerge victorious," he added.

Explain the term “No Fault”. “No fault” means on the whole the system or plan of vehicle way of transportation’s insurance or indemnity that is given to the victims or sufferers of the calamity or misfortune by the insurance or guarantees giving companies.
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No fault new York is in no technique or means far removed from first-party introduction but the majority of the instant no fault ny is used in the district or area of auto assurance rules in the country of Canada and United States of America as well as the continent or country of Australia in which a strategy possessor and her or his clientele or customers are not only given back by the strategy possessor’s own exposure business company’s absent facts of slip-up or mistake.

New York no fault contact or exposure has the point or idea of plummeting or decreasing the high tax or expenses emotional charged by keeping away from the fine selected court case over the causes or reasons of car accident nyc, while benevolent fast operating cost for accusation. The victim's assurance or insurance shall only pay out the complete maintain, while the assurance of the car driver at fault's companionship would give cash back out a claim and declare that social gathering a exceedingly urbanized insurance excellence as they are in attendance instant in great prominent danger.

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SKOPJE, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- After several weeks of harsh debatesbetween majority and opposition lawmakers Wholesale Oakland Athletics Jerseys , Macedonian parliamentvoted Thursday to dismiss Attorney General Marko Zvrlevski.

With 64 votes in favor and none against, Macedonia put an end todebates by removing Zvrlevski from office.

Zvrlevski's removal from office was made possible by the votesof the ruling coalition, since the lawmakers of the largestopposition party here Wholesale New York Yankees Jerseys , VMRO-DPMNE, were not present for the vote inparliament.

According to VMRO-DPMNE, the motion to dismiss attorney generalwas unlawful and unacceptable.

After taking over office a few months ago Wholesale New York Mets Jerseys , the Macedoniangovernment chaired by Zoran Zaev filed a motion for Zvrlevski'sdismissal.

According to the government, the reasons for the motion werebased on his poor, unprofessional performance Wholesale Minnesota Twins Jerseys , and failing to bringcriminal charges against those . Cheap Nets Jerseys Cheap Mavericks Jerseys Cheap Hornets Jerseys Cheap Hawks Jerseys Cheap Grizzlies Jerseys Cheap Los Angeles Clippers Jerseys Cheap Boston Celtics Jerseys Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys Cheap Chicago Bulls Jerseys Wholesale Bucks Jerseys

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