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Post Modern Magik: There's a subreddit for werewolves and werewolf problems. Several of them, actually. Heather uses them to gather information about therianthropes being targeted by the no fly list. Properly Paranoid: In addition to her natural cynicism, Heather is jumpy and suspicious due to the influence of her wolf instincts, which don't quite know how to cope with life in an urban environment.

Barbie Doll Anatomy: Used in episode 6 when Jay is seen nude, uncensored after losing his penis. Used again on a nude female android in episode 12. Bland Name Product: "Spacebook". The Marty Pulsar Show in the episode of the same name. Bloodless Carnage: In episode 17, a villain stabbed in the taint, which you would expect to make a gory mess, simply disappears in the blink of an eye. Body Horror: The man working on Jay and Hamilton's ship in episode 4 gets hit with a big blob of 'shipphylis' while distracting, and the results are instant and pretty horrifying. Boom, Headshot: Seems to be the killing method of choice in this universe, and works instantly. Even the Guys Want Him: A few guys try to make a move on Jay despite his disinterest. Extreme Omnisexual: Jay at one point is mentioned to have had sex with burritos. And in another episode, a dragon. The plot of episode 11 is Jay wanting to have sex with a female shaped planet. Yes, a planet. Fan wholesale nhl jerseys Disservice: "Ursula" in episode 5. Jabba the Slut also counts as this. Yes, she is exactly like the character you're thinking of. Fanservice: Lots of busty women in every episode. Gag Boobs: Hamilton's "boobs" while crossdressing in episode 15, which are just oranges underneath a sweatshirt. Genre Savvy: Jay guesses ahead of time that the dog Hamilton tries to keep out of sympathy in episode 12 will turn into a monster. Godiva Hair: Used during Jay's dream in episode 17.

In the English dub, Kosuna is her actual name. For whatever reason, the characters called Kaido and cheap NHLjerseys Tachibana in the Japanese version are called Stryker and Tech in the English dub. Fuyuo, Haruo, Koimizu, and Mitsuru had their names shortened to Fuyo, Haru, Koi, Mitz. Earth That Used to Be Better: the "Great Kanto Desert" would seem to be the future of the Kanto region knock off football jerseys hats in the belfry in Japan, which is currently not only fertile, but heavily industrialized.

The Joy of Painting is a half hour art instruction show that originally ran from 1983 to 1994. Hosted by Bob Ross, noted for his legendarily cheery manner and soft, friendly voice, the show aimed to teach people painting techniques in the amount of time given. Ross worked in oil paints and taught a method called "wet on wet painting", where the canvas would be coated with wet white paint and other colors would be laid over it, allowing for a variety of blending techniques. The show was very minimalist, using only a black background and two camera positions. Due to his time spent being stationed in Alaska in the Air Force, all of Ross' paintings were of nature, mostly forests or mountain valleys.

The most common rehab for an ankle injury seems to be about four to six weeks, depending on the injury severity. But since many of these guys had the entire off season to recover, it tough to know whether that timeline is accurate. The only player who was able to recover in time to play again in the same season was Bobby Crosby, who somehow spent just 22 days on the disabled list following an ankle fracture. Unless you have superhuman ankles, it more than likely you need that four to six week time frame to recover.

"The message is blurred and diffused," says C. Samuel Craig, deputy chairman of marketing at NYU. "One of the basic tenets of marketing is to have a singular purpose in what you're communicating. Coca Cola, for example, does one thing and doesn't deviate very far from that. One message that does come out fairly clearly is the distribution of wealth in America. Having said that, when they interview individual people at Zuccotti Park, you find a wider range of concerns. There's considerable confusion around the edges. The message is clear about the 1 percent and 99 percent, but it'd be more effective if they codified that, solidified that and actually suggested what could be done or what should be done. "It's on the front page of most newspapers, on cable news it's hugely successful as far as media exposure. Where has it failed? The major media exposure has been negative. The message is not as clear as concise as it could and should be. It has failed in seeking out leadership to give talking points that can deliver the message in a concise manner rather than an incoherent message that sometimes hurts credibility."

Pearl has a big pretzel on the top of her head, and her mother Morgan sports a massive shapeless bun that can only be held together by antigravity. Ron DeLite has a pair of cinnamon buns (that are oddly shaped like a certain princess's hair) on the side of his head that spring outward when he's upset (which often happens).

In Mugen Spiral, Ura, all powerful thunder wielding son of the Demon King, is sealed by Yayoi, a mystic, into the form of an adorable black cat when he wears the Cat's God Rosary. When Yayoi breaks one of the rosary beads, he can return to his full demon form, then he reverts almost right back to a cat afterwards.

They don't hesitate for a second. Cool Mask: Lepidus's helmet also includes a mask of his own (more god like) face. Cool Sword: The one Ermanamer won as a young teen by killing its Suevic owner; the gladius Marcus received from his father before he left to Germania. Cool Uncle: Marcus's uncle is an easy going hedonist who hosts the two young men during their stays in the big city.

I'm a Humanitarian: You if you decide to kill humans and eat their meat. You can also use their bones to craft stuff. Improvised Armour: Many armor pieces fall into this category. Such as an helmet made out of coffee cans, burlap clothing and bucket helmet, which is a bucket that has been turned into a helmet Improvised Weapon: Quite a few weapons player can craft fall into this.

The Ultimate Marvel incarnation of Nick Fury is black. Or rather, deliberately styled after Samuel L. Jackson. This was to lead up to Jackson having a role in the Iron Man movie as the man himself (he allowed the usage, having it written into the deal he would play the part when/if a movie(s) were ever made). Within the series, this has undergone some lampshading with a conversation with Nick being asked who he would like to see in a biopic about himself. The answer? Samuel L. Jackson.

He chooses his break dancing skills. Call Back: Bender's poor grasp of math comes back to bite him when Emperor Nikolai asks him to prove he's a robot. Robo Hungary, introduced back in The Honking is important to the plot. The Harlem Globetrotters get called in for their math skills once more.

Meaningful Name:: Cranky Doodle. Maybe his parents got fed up with his braying and coloring on the walls when he was a foal. Medium Shift Gag: The short sequence showing Pinkie's internal thought process is done as a felt animation, lampshaded in a brief Medium Blending when Pinkie inexplicably pulls out the green felt check.

This is punched up given that the speech takes place right before Maureen walks out of the lobby and leaves her mom crying, realizing that her daughter has given up on dance forever. Jody delivers a similar speech around the same time to Jonathan and Juliette before she is set to find out about whether or not she's gotten a place in the American Ballet Company.

The fact that the main villain nearly pulls an End of the World as We Know It is only one of the surprisingly disturbing things in this game. Then there's Pikachu being pushed past the Despair Event Horizon after all his friends have their memories wiped and no longer remember him.

Yuffie, who randomly wanders into dangerous situations and continuously insults and steals the materia of powerful Shinra SOLIDERS. It's a good thing everyone is so indulgent with her. Dismotivation: Kunsel initially didn't try for First Class as he has a comfortable position teaching (and gathering information) and thought he was overshadowed by people such as Zack.

Viewers actually wrote letters to complain, and in the series finale, a bag of dog food falls out of a nearby cabinet and Arnold finally has breakfast. Inspirationally Disadvantaged: Corky at the start of the series. This changes in the later seasons when along with the shows tone shift and his reaching adulthood he develops his interests and makes his decisions despite the initial dismay of his parents.

Perspective Flip Sailor Earth: Mary herself is one. In the original novel, only Jekyll's butler was named so it was of course very easy for Valerie Martin to insert Mary into the story. Scar Survey: The good doctor examining Mary's scars, in a non bedroom variant, though it's nevertheless sexually charged.

"The One Doctor" contains examples of: Aerith and Bob: "Every Tom, Dick or Cathl'bob." Allergic to Routine: The Doctor dislikes, what he calls, the "Vulgar end of time", where everything's been discovered, and there are no "interesting" wars, and everybody knows everything. Alien Invasion BBC Quarry: Despite being an audio adventure, the Doctor still manages to end up in one. Blob Monster Big Damn Kiss Bigger on the Inside: Subverted for laughs with the STARDIST. Bizarre Alien Senses: The Doctor can sense whether or not he has been or will be at a certain place, and usually tries to avoid repeating locations because it makes the hairs on his neck stand on end. Breast Expansion: Sally Anne. Casual Kink: Banto: "They'd have us clasped in iron if they suspected anything."

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