Now the 5 most popular bags, which one is the most worth buy

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Now the 5 most popular bags, which one is the most worth buy

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Gucci GG Marmont series chain bag
Leather: soft calfskin
Weight: lighter, but the chain is a bit heavy
Content volume: The volume of the small content is large, and the mini number is just right.
Reference price: domestic official website 16900 yuan (small number); 14900 (mini number)
Guc ci has made a lot of explosions in recent years, including the Dionysian bag, Sylvie ribbon bag, bee bag, etc., but if the most vitality, this GG Marmont is definitely one. I am sure you are no stranger.

Replica Burberry Tote Handbags
Leather: soft embossed calfskin
Weight: not heavy, light
The amount of content: the amount of small content is large, the mini number can't fit the plus phone
Reference price: 15500 yuan (small number); 11000 (mini number)
Burberry's bags in the past few years have not caused much repercussions until the emergence of this DK88. It is not the same as the previous style of the Burberry family. There is no classic plaid pattern, dignified and sturdy, and there is a retro beauty.

Fake Dior Lady Handbags
Material: soft calfskin, feels good
Weight: heavier, but the mini number is acceptable
Capacity: very loaded, can hold all daily essentials
Reference price: ordinary store price mini 26000 yuan, small 31,000 yuan
Dior's Dai Dai bag has always been the classic of his parents. The new design of the rivet has added a cool and handsome personality to the dignified, and it has more personality. This is one of his current main models. .

Replica Delvaux Tote Bags
Leather: soft calfskin, exquisite workmanship
Weight: very light
The amount of content: the amount of content is just right, but the lock is more difficult to switch
Reference price: Paris purchase, discounted and refunded tax, reference price 14788 yuan (mini number)
Comprehensive advice: four stars, except for the bad deduction
This bag has also appeared several times in my closet, and every time someone asks, then I will take it out and talk about it.

Marni Pannier Bag Bucket Bag
Leather: soft calfskin
Weight: not heavy
Content: A card pack is included, but the content of the bag itself is small, and the opening has a dark button design.
Reference price: official website reference price 18200 yuan
Its design is simple and atmospheric, the handle of the ring is wooden and leather stitching, very special, just remember at a glance.

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