WoW New Features Available With Latest Hot Fixes!

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WoW New Features Available With Latest Hot Fixes!

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WoW new hot fixes is available this week. According to knows, some of the hotfixes take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require scheduled realm restarts to go into effect. All details will be revealed for you today. Besides, cheapest wow classic gold is available with best services here.

In the recent hot fixes, there are some classes and WoW's 15th anniversary changes. Here are the highlights for you.

Classes: Fixed a bug that caused Holy Priests' Spirit of Redemption to trigger before Guardian Spirit in some circumstances.

Dungeons and Raids

- Fixed a bug where multiple pools of Rixxa Fluxflame's Azerite Catalyst could trigger their initial ticks of damage at the same time.

- Fixed a bug where multiple spells during the Mogul Razdunk encounter were dealing an unintentional amount of damage to pets.

WoW's 15th Anniversary

- Korrak's Revenge: Korrak the Bloodrager. Korrak now spawns 2 minutes after the start of the match. Increased Korrak's health by 60%. By delaying the spawn timer of Korrak the Bloodrager and increasing his health, both the Horde and Alliance will have time to reach Snowfall and battle over his loot.

- Players level 10 through 60 now have their items appropriately scaled while participating in Korrak's Revenge.

- Fixed a bug where some players weren't awarded achievement credit for Alterac Valley of Olde while within the Hall of the Stormpike area.

- Fixed an issue that prevented players who do not have the Battle for Azeroth expansion activated on their account from queueing for Korrak's Revenge.

- Fixed an issue that caused players to lose access to their Lil’ Nefarian battle pet and Obsidian Worldbreaker mount if they logged out after acquiring them. Missing mounts and battle pets have also been restored to their owners’ accounts.

- Fixed an issue that caused healing and tank specialization players to enter the queue as a damage-dealer when queuing for the Memories of Azeroth raids if they were a party leader or sole member of a group.

- Korrak's Revenge should now grant credit toward the Epic Battleground requirement for the quest "Storming the Battlefield."

Memories of Azeroth

- Resolved an issue where Heigan the Unclean's health was notably low.

- Ragnaros should more reliably cast Molten Seeds and Engulfing Flames.

All these new features mentioned above are available now. will keep sharing the latest news of WoW. You can stay tuned on our site to get more WoW news and WoW leveling service. As a professional WoW shop, we strive to offer you the best. If you ever need to buy WoW items, visit at any time!

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