Trouble with Flash Drive/Watching Video

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Trouble with Flash Drive/Watching Video

Příspěvekod JensenBreck v úte 12. zář 2017 10:25:38


I was wondering if someone could help me solve a problem that I'm experiencing with a SanDisk flash drive. I talked with one of your advisors the other day about transferring a PowerPoint presentation onto a DVD, and he told me that instead of a DVD, I should use a flash drive. He showed me a video of how to transfer a PowerPoint presentation into a video right through PowerPoint itself (I have the 2010 version). I followed the steps that the video provided, made the presentation into a video format, and saved it to a SanDisk flash drive. Everything was going fine up until I tried to watch the video on my t.v. I have a Vizio t.v. with a place for a flash drive on the back of the monitor. I plugged my flash drive in, went to the menu to view the video file, and found where it said "Play Slideshow". I selected this option, but nothing happened. I was hoping someone could tell me why the video wasn't playing, and what I could do to fix this problem.

Please help.


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