How to choose lifting table for lifting electric furnace

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How to choose lifting table for lifting electric furnace

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As the name implies, the lifting electric furnace is an electric furnace that can be lifted, that is, on the basis of the electric furnace, the lifting equipment is added to realize the lifting function. The scope of application of lifting electric furnace is more extensive, especially for some heating treatment with special requirements, which has certain restrictions on equipment or environment. The lifting electric furnace can adjust the height and expand freely, just to meet these needs. Therefore, the lifting electric furnace has been vigorously promoted.
Compared with other electric furnaces, the biggest difference is the lifting table. It can be said that the lifting table is the core component of the lifting electric furnace, so it is very important to choose the appropriate lifting table. Of course, there are strict technical requirements for the selection of lifting platform, which should be selected according to relevant standards.
1、 The electric appliances of the lifting platform shall be selected for the lifting electric furnace. The design shall comply with the regulations of the high temperature furnace and the national regulations. According to the needs of the high temperature furnace, it can be effectively controlled.
2、 The minimum height of the lifting platform of the electric furnace is 230mm, the lifting height is 750mm, the stroke is 620mm, the bearing weight is 1.5T, the size of the table top and the base is not more than 1200mm * 800mm, and the center diameter of the table top is 400mm, which is the bearing surface. There shall be no drop within 48 hours after the lifting.
3、 The small oil cylinder shall be able to control the rising speed and the falling speed. The speed adjustment range is 1cm / min to 1cm / h, the stroke of small oil cylinder is 100mm, and the bearing weight is 50kg. Separate from the lifting platform! Control requirements: when the power is turned on, it will rise and fall automatically.
4、 The lifting platform for lifting electric furnace is 1300 * 500mm (double oil cylinder) with a minimum height of 230mm, a lifting height of 1030mm, a stroke of 800mm, and a bearing weight of 1.5T.

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