What are the causes of overheating and oil leakage of plunge

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What are the causes of overheating and oil leakage of plunge

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There are two reasons for the over heating of the plunger pump. One is the mechanical conflict. Because the sports appearance is in the state of dry conflict or semi dry conflict, the moving parts conflict with each other and generate heat. Second, liquid conflicts generate heat. The high-pressure oil leaks into the low-pressure cavity through various gaps, and a lot of hydraulic energy loss is converted into heat energy. Therefore, accurate selection of the space between moving parts, tank volume and cooler can eliminate the excessive heat of the pump and the appearance of high oil temperature. In addition, the back pressure of the return oil is too high due to the blocking of the return oil filter, which will also cause the oil temperature to be too high and the pump body to overheat.
The main reasons for oil leakage of the plunger pump are as follows: (1) the main shaft oil seal is damaged or the shaft has defects and scratches; (2) the internal leakage is too large, which causes the pressure at the oil seal to increase, and then the oil seal is damaged or flushed out; (3) the oil drain pipe is too thin and too long, which causes oil leakage at the seal; (4) the external oil pipe of the pump is loose, the pipe joint is damaged, and the gasket is aged or cracked; (5) the bolts of the variable adjustment mechanism are loose, and the seal is damaged (6) the cast iron pump case has sand holes or poor welding.
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