OSRS Magic Guide Level 1-99

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OSRS Magic Guide Level 1-99

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Magic is a skill in Old School RuneScape that’s unlike any other. The combat triangle consists of three elements: melee, magic, and ranged. As you probably know, magic strongly overpowers any melee opponent, but is weak to ranged opponents. In OSRS combat, it is not about picking your favorite combat method by any means; combat in RuneScape is about using the skill that is the most advantageous in your current situation. What’s more is with Magic your magical attack isn’t the only important thing: by having a higher level of Magic, you inherently gain higher magical defence against any opponent you face in the future.

Aside from combat, magic in Old School RuneScape is also a fantastic moneymaker. For example, if you are into bossing, one popular boss is Zulrah. This boss will make you on average 3 million OSRS GP per hour, or if the demand is high for certain drops, can net you a whopping 7+ million GP per hour. For this boss, you are typically recommended to have 80 Magic, as Zulrah has multiple phases and thus multiple weaknesses. You are expected to have a switch of gear on hand, including armour which is easily accomplished by using Void where all you have to switch is a helmet.

Another popular money making method using Magic, but much simpler, is humidifying clay. This can net you anywhere between 500,000 to 1,000,000 OSRS gold per hour. Soft clay is a paramount part of the economy, as it is an essential ingredient in each teleport tablet created alongside the runes used for the regular spell.

As you can see, Magic is a skill that any account can highly benefit from training to a higher level. In this guide, we’ll explore the optimal methods and techniques that you should follow

Quests | Old School RuneScape Wiki | Fandom

Completing quests is something that you can use to your advantage, especially if you are currently at a lower level of Magic. If your account is a main account and you are intending on eventually doing quests in the future to unlock content, you should not skip this section. To complete Dragon Slayer 2 and subsequently unlock Vorkath, you need 200 quest points - without that, you cannot even reach the boss to fight it. There are many areas of the game that can only be unlocked by questing. Additionally, some meta gear items such as Barrow gloves require around 130 quest points, alongside Recipe for Disaster having a barrel load of prerequisite quests for each of the 9 parts of the quest.

Quests are an integral part of any Old School RuneScape experience, and there’s no getting around them. Oftentimes, at lower levels you are limited to low experience per hour methods, whilst a quest can provide a lot of experience at completion. It can actually be more efficient to train using quests, even if you never reap the benefits of the quest - it can be more efficient to complete the quests. This is dependent on the quest length versus the experience rewarded.

As soon as you are able to complete the following quests, you should do so at your earliest opportunity:

Witch’s Potion - a very short quest that you can easily complete. You’ll receive 325 Magic experience.
Imp Catcher, another relatively short quest that rewards 875 Magic experience. A tip for this quest is to simply buy all the beads from the Grand Exchange and you can complete the quest within 2 minutes.
The Grand Tree which requires 25 Agility but gives 2,150 Magic experience.
Recipe for Disaster: Lumbridge Guide provides 2,500 Magic experience as long as you have 40 Cooking.
Horror from the Deep gives roughly 5,000 Magic experience but requires 35 Agility.
Fairytale I Growing Pains will give you 1,000 Magic XP.
Providing you have level 15 Magic, 15 Thieving, 25 Agility, 14 Herlore, 40 Mining you will receive 15,000 Magic experience from Watchtower.
Spirits of the Elid will give you 1,000 Magic experience as long as you have 33 Magic, 37 Thieving, 37 Ranged, and 37 Mining.
The Giant Dwarf rewards 1,500 Magic experience and only requires 14 Thieving, 16 Firemaking, and 12 Crafting.
Enakhra’s Lament will give you 7,000 Magic experience as long as you have: 39 Magic, 43 Prayer, 45 Mining & Firemaking, and 50 Crafting.
King’s Ransom provides 5,000 Magic experience but requires 45 Magic and 65 Defence.
The Eyes of Glouphrie will give you a whopping 12,000 Magic experience and merely requires 46 Magic and 5 Construction
Swan Song will give you 15,000 Magic experience as long as you have 66 Magic, 40 Crafting, 42 Firemaking, 45 Smithing, 62 Fishing & Cooking. You’ll also need an overall 100 quest points to complete this quest.

The following three are special quests that you need to complete to access much of the content Magic offers:

Desert Treasure is a quest that unlocks the Ancient Magicks spellbook which is useful in combat. Completing it will also provide you with a stunning 20,000 Magic experience However, you will need 50 Magic, 10 Slayer, 50 Firemaking, and 53 Thieving.
Lunar Diplomacy unlocks the Lunar spellbook which contains many fantastic utility and money making spells. You will need level 65 Magic, 5 Herblore, 40 Defence, 49 Firemaking, 55 Woodcutting, 60 Mining, and 61 Crafting.
Dream Mentor requires 65 Magic, but rewards 10,000 Magic experience. You will also need: 5 Herblore, 32 Agility, 40 Defence, 49 Firemaking, 55 Crafting, 60 Mining, 61 Crafting, and your combat level must be 85. Completion of Dream Mentor will add 7 additional spells to the Lunar spellbook unlocked in Lunar Diplomacy. Without completing this quest, you will not be able to cast Humidify, a spell previously mentioned as an OSRS moneymaking method. The full list of unlocked spells are: Spellbook Swap, Dream, Hunter Kit, Plank Make, Stat Spy, Monster Examine, and Humidify.

The other spellbook is the Arceuus spellbook, which can be unlocked by getting 60% favour in the Arceuus house in Kourend. Just remember that you must only progress favour in one house at a time, doing multiple at once will cause you to lose favour in the others. Once you reach 100% for a particular house, lock it in with the house’s architect and then choose your next house. The Arceuus spellbook is not that noteworthy however: it contains some teleports for Kourend and prayer reanimation spells. Reanimation spells are simply a slower/alternative way of training Prayer that’s a little less GP intensive but much more time intensive.

Training methods

One of the best things to do is to train Magic whilst training Slayer. If you do the quests above and train to a reasonable level, you can complete tasks using Magic and train two skills at once. Certain Slayer enemies are immune to Magic, and combat experience is wasted if you only train Slayer once you’re level 99 in Melee/Ranged/Magic.

From level 1-20, you should cast fire strike on weak monsters, for example cows in Lumbridge. You should be able to level up fairly quick: to accelerate this process, consider completing some of the quests listed above.

From level 20 to 45, you can splash Curse on enemies such as pigeons at Port Sarim. Splashing is the process of attempting to fail casting magic spells, so you skip the timer for recasting, but you nevertheless gain the magic experience for casting the spell. To accomplish this, you can wear melee armour (such as full Rune) to get a negative Magic bonus.

At level 45 to 70, you have a pathway to choose between. If you’d prefer to make money whilst gaining magic experience at a slower rate, you can make up to 1 million per hour by creating teleport tablets (depending on which one you make and market rates). You can do this by having the required runes for each tablet, noted soft clay (which you can unnote at Rimmington general store), and at a lectern at a player-owned house (see world 330 for house parties). If you’d prefer to gain experience at a faster rate, you can simply repeatedly cast Camelot teleport and combine it with High Alchemy at level 55 with noted items.

From levels 70 to 99, the best methods for making money is following the Lunar spellbook: for example Humidify. You can do this in conjunction with Slayer.

The optimal method for gaining experience is casting Ice Barrage on maniacal monkeys at Ape Atoll to get around 400,000 experience per hour. To use this method, you must have complete Desert Treasure for Ancient Magicks and partially completed Monkey Madness II to access Ape Atoll.

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